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Archive for February, 2020

Sauce Labs

Before Sauce, testing was broken. It was tedious, expensive, time-consuming, and put the focus on annoying infrastructure issues. With Sauce, innovators accelerate their software development cycles, improve quality, deploy with confidence, reduce costs, and improve innovation. We call that continuous testing. You’ll call it awesome.

Free Trial: https://saucelabs.com/sign-up

Sauce Labs ensures the world’s leading apps and websites work flawlessly on every browser, OS and device. Its award-winning Continuous Testing Cloud provides development and quality teams with instant access to the test coverage, scalability, and analytics they need to deliver a flawless digital experience. Co-founded by the original creator of Selenium, Sauce Labs helps companies accelerate software development cycles, improve application quality, and deploy with confidence across hundreds of browser / OS platforms, including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android & Mac OS X.

Optimized for Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), and DevOps, the Sauce Labs platform is built to handle the most secure data from its customers, who range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses worldwide. To date, nearly 2 billion tests have run on the Sauce Labs cloud. Sauce Labs is a privately held company funded by Toba Capital, Salesforce Ventures, Centerview Capital Technology, IVP and Adams Street Partners.




Computer Vision in UI testing

In a test automation job, we often meet with UI elements, that impossible find in HTML/XML sources – graphs, schemes, charts, maps, etc. That talk is about how Computer Vision can help us with testing those elements.

Dmytro Dundych

More than 6 years in coding. I have experience with different technology stacks and programming languages. Nowadays I work on the automation of the Car Navigation System using technologies of Computer Vision.





Test automation strategy for microservices-based systems

Nowadays microservices are our new reality and many companies have started the transition of their monolith systems. But with the new paradigm, all other development practices and approaches are shifted as well, including test automation. In this training, we will go through the following set of topics and understand how to organize them better in the microservices world:

  • transformed testing pyramid at microservice level;
  • new types of tests for microservices integration (test kits, contracts, API stubs);
  • advanced usage of containers for test environment management;
  • test data management approaches;
  • effective CI/CD organization;
  • roles and responsibilities in the development team.

For all discussed examples Java Spring Boot stack will be used, but the same concepts may be applied to any other stack as well.

Efficient Selenium Infrastructure with Selenoid

Selenoid is an alternative lightning-fast open-source Selenium protocol implementation running browsers and Android emulators inside Docker containers. It is distributed with a set of ready-to-use Docker images corresponding to the majority of popular browser versions, has a one-command installation utility and works slightly more efficiently than traditional Selenium Grid.

This workshop shows how to build efficient and scalable browser automation infrastructure using Selenoid and related tools. You will be taught why running browsers in containers is so efficient, how to easily install Selenoid and use its powerful features.