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How to become a speaker?

At the moment conference program is forming and we invite speakers with different experience in test automation to join us. We plan to cover the following directions in the conference program:

– web automation with WebDriver/Selenium;
– test automation scaling (cloud, tools, experience reports);
– microservices testing (infrastructure, contracts, approaches);
– test tooling (smart reporting, AI, smart tests execution);
– mobile testing (practical aspects);
– test automation infrastructure (when, where and how to run tests);
– machine learning and test automation (suggestions, chat bots, models);
– metrics and monitoring;
– test data management and generation;
– code quality in test automation (real stories);
– hardware/robots/IoT (experience reports).

Experienced program committee will select and filter talks. Then approved talks will be placed in preliminary program where participants may affect their future providing feedback and voting. Only the most interesting and practically useful talks will be accepted. We rely on your experience and creativity!

If you have any questions related speakers registration or program preparation feel free to contact us on review@seleniumcamp.com.

Key dates of call for papers

Jan 23th

Last day talks are accepted

Jan 25th

Final version of the program is published

Jan 28th

First review

Feb 6th

Second review

Feb 20th

Final slides are accepted

We will do our best to make visit of the conference
very comfortable for all speakers

Free ticket for main conference days

Great dinner with other speakers and organizers

A whole day of glory and applause in the case of a successful talk

Conference speakers