Selenium Camp 2014 is done and we want to say it was amazing conference, taking into account situation in Ukraine and Russia. Thanks a lot to speakers who prepared great talks and shared their practical experience. Thanks to our volunteers who helped us to organize everything with such level of quality. Thanks to participants who spent 2 or even 4 days with us getting new knowledge and experience. This conference happened because all of you was there!

As usually we processed your feedback and chose top 5 speakers. Scoring system is based on feedback forms – if you mentioned speaker in ‘the best’ section he gets 1 point, if in ‘the worst’ section he looses 1 point. The results are quite interesting:

  • 1st place with 61 points goes to Alexei Barantsev. This is an expected result because Alexei is very experienced speaker and trainer. He prepared 2 talks and a lightning talk this year.
  • 2nd place with 37 points is taken by Mikalai Alimenkou. As conference organizer he also prepared 2 talks and a lightning talk to fill free slots in the program.
  • 3rd place with 30 points goes to Artem Eroshenko. Speakers from Yandex always prepare interesting and useful talks.
  • 4th place with 29 points is taken by Leonid Rudenko. Screenshot based testing is very hot topic and this talk was really great.
  • 5th place with 28 points goes to Andrey Solntsev. This year Andrey made a keynote talk first time on our conferences and it was very successful as from participants feedback.

We want to add 2 more names to this list because of their impact on participants. 6th place with 20 points goes to Dmytro Zharii. His SWD Page Recorder will simplify work of many testing automation professionals. And 7th place with 17 points goes to Nikita Makarov. It seems we have chosen right talks for the main stage.

We want to note that all speakers did their best and this competition is very informal. We prepared special form for participants to share their opinions about the conference program. Your feedback will affect the next year plans.

We started gathering conference materials including feedback reports, photos, slides. If you have something to share please contact us. Video will be available in April and published there as well.

Looking forward to see you at Selenium Camp 2015! Or may be even at Testing Camp 2015! 😉