We are happy to accounce that conference program is published. We are still waiting for confirmation of talk topic from some speakers, so several slots may be empty, but general picture is clear now. Small changes in the schedule are also possible.

This year we have speakers from Ukraine, USA, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Estonia and Belarus. Most of conference talks are technical, we reduced number of introductory talks to minimum. The most popular languages and platforms are covered: Java, .NET, PHP, Python and Node.JS. We invited people involved in frameworks and libraries development to allow participants to contact them directly and ask any questions they have. Also participants will have ability to see how automated testing is implemented in large companies like Yandex, Groupon, Red Hat, Odnoklassniki.

Trainings program was extended with one more training: “Effective testing with Selenide”. Author of Selenide library Andrey Solntsev gathers developers and testers to share his experience in testing approaches implemented in Codeborne. He will show how to use Selenide in practice and got full power of WebDriver without bureaucracy.

At the moment second registration phase is active but only 13 tickets remain. We will open main registration stage soon. Join us now and save on your ticket!