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Efficient Selenium Infrastructure with Selenoid


February 20th

9:30 - 18:30


lunch included


Target audience

Engineers with Selenium test automation background

Selenoid is an alternative lightning-fast open-source Selenium protocol implementation running browsers and Android emulators inside Docker containers. It is distributed with a set of ready-to-use Docker images corresponding to the majority of popular browser versions, has a one-command installation utility and works slightly more efficiently than traditional Selenium Grid.

This workshop shows how to build efficient and scalable browser automation infrastructure using Selenoid and related tools. You will be taught why running browsers in containers is so efficient, how to easily install Selenoid and use its powerful features.

Ivan Krutov

Ivan Krutov

Developer at Aerokube, Russia

Java and Golang developer for more than 10 years. Last 6 years maintains of high-load Selenium infrastructure. Supports operation of Selenium cluster with more than 5000 parallel browsers. One of the core developers of Selenoid project and related tools.