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Xamarin.UITest. From Zero to Hero.

March 3rd


Stage C


45 minutes


Xamarin.UITest is a C# test automation framework that enables testing mobile apps on Android and iOS. Mobile automation is not a piece of cake but Xamarin.UITest aims to provide a suitable abstraction on top of the platform tools to let you focus on what to test. This talk is not only an introduction of framework but also we are going to present its practical aspects, technical details, benefits and disadvantages. We will show a growing process from “Zero” – when you have only few local tests, to “Hero” – when you run your tests simultaneously and have fully integrated solution into CI/CD pipeline.

Nadiia Pukhta

Nadiia Pukhta

Automation QA Engineer at Softjourn, Ukraine

Really interested in mobile application testing. Has experience in UI Test Automation with Selenium and Xamarin.UITest. In the past worked as a frontend developer and became QA to be on the “light” side. 5+ years in software testing and development.

Volodymyr Kimak

Volodymyr Kimak

Senior .NET Software Engineer at Softjourn, Ukraine

Software engineer, public speaker and local user group organiser with more than 7 years of commercial experience. Interested in software design, development and testing of desktop, web and mobile apps especially in .NET stack.