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Writing Business Facing Acceptance Tests with Canopy


45 minutes


Acceptance tests are crucial for success of any software project. Automation of acceptance testing significantly reduces the feedback loop, allowing to release faster and more frequently.

However there is one problem. Automated tests are written using programming languages and rarely can be easily read by non-technical stakeholders. There have been some attempts made to remove this gap, like Gherkin language, but it’s support might be very expensive and not pleasant for developers.

In this talk Serhiy will present Canopy – an F# DSL around WebDriver. It allows to describe acceptance scenarios in a form that could be easily understood by everyone. More than that, it also makes programming tests a joy, because it’s pure functional language and developers would get opportunity to try functional stuff on their work.

Serhiy Kalinets

Serhiy Kalinets

System Architect at Playtika, Ukraine