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White testing magic

Feb 24th

10:00 – 10:45

Stage B


45 minutes


Many of you are doing THIS or suppose that doing. But at the testing conferences and meet-ups THIS is not acceptable. If this topic rises up, it is discussed quietly and almost in a whisper. There are people who decided to be in the opposition of THIS. But I was doing THIS openly for the last year and finally decided to share my experience.

This talk is focused on the method of White box testing. We will try to figure out what it is, how it works and why now it’s the best time to discard your prejudices and start using it.

I will talk about those parts of code where the most part of the bugs hidden, and why this method is one of the best ways of microservice testing.

Aliaksei Boole

Aliaksei Boole

Software Engineer in Test at Juno, Belarus

Aliaksei is a not bad QA Engineer, they say. He has strong skills in web ui automation, especially in monkey patching via JS. He also works on performance testing and back-end API test automation. Aliaksei is open to new technologies and approaches. Not captured in relations with aliens.