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Webium: Page Objects in Python

Feb. 27


Stage B


50 min.


Out-of-the-box WebDriver API provides two main classes: WebDriver and WebElement. Webium library helps you to extend it to whatever deep UI object structure you need. You can describe basic elements (e.g. Button, Input), construct complex elements (e.g. Calendar) from small pieces and at the end put it all together into your Page Objects. Webium is free and open-source. In my speech I’ll present your how to use it effectively if you want to write Selenium tests in Python.

Igor Khrol

Igor Khrol

Wargaming, Belarus

Automated testing specialist. About 8 years experience in test automation in various roles: engineer, architect, manager, consultant, trainer. Experience in the majority of popular tools (Selenium, HP QTP, TestComplete, JMeter). Using Selenium more then 6 years starting from the early versions. Regular speaker of SeleniumCamp conference. Shares his thoughts about automated testing at the blog.