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Voice assistants and chatbots automation


45 minutes


AI-powered chatbots and voice assistants are still emerging technologies, but they’re starting to gain traction in the workplace, as well as at home. Like any other software, such smart assistants have to be well-tested to ensure they meet people’s needs. But how can we test something so human-like?

In this talk, I’ll share my experience in voice assistant/chatbot development. Besides the general info about the technical stack, bot’s internals, challenges, and the existing test automation tools and frameworks, you’ll see several practical examples, based on Web, API and Voice interfaces.

Sergey Korol

Sergey Korol

Technical QA Manager at Waverley Software, Ukraine

Sergey is a QA Automation Geek and Java fan with over nine years experience in Software Testing. He has a strong expertise in raising up QA automation processes from scratch. AT.INFO contributor and editor. Creator of test-data-supplier library. Consultant, mentor, speaker and open source projects’ contributor. At the moment Sergey is leading key projects in Silicon Valley working at Waverley Software.