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Visual regression and integration testing on JS

Feb 25th

17:15 – 18:00

Stage B


45 minutes


We passed a rapid path from manual testing and automated tests in Java as a separate codebase, which was being developed by a dedicated QA team, to the functional tests in JavaScript which are versioned with a project source code and are being developed by project developers.

I want to tell you why we had to create our own testing tools Gemini for visual regression testing and Hermione for functional testing. What challenges we faced and how we solved them.

Now everyone can follow our footsteps.

Pavlo Bashinsky

Pavlo Bashinsky

PM at Yandex, Ukraine

Programming has been a hobby for Pavlo at school. 4 years ago he joined Yandex. IT has become his profession from that moment. During these 4 years he has gained experience of development tools for building projects, common libraries and continuous integration. Pavlo believes in BEM. And that fact makes the development process faster, makes testing easier and makes delivery of the code without bugs.