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Versioned Page Objects: How to handle 12 versions of webapp


45 minutes


In automatic tests, it is often difficult to work with pages that differ depending on the screen size, type of user, localization, or other conditions. And when you work with such pages – a strong desire arises – “the page is almost the same, I just need one additional click for mobile version …”, and often “if / else” becomes the solution. In this talk, I want to show the approach that I use in the current project, which allows me to support and develop tests for 12 versions of the same web application. I called this Versioned Page Objects. It allows reuse of common logic between different versions of page through inheritance, and also overrides or removes some logic where necessary, without any if / else blocks across the code. TypeScript Code Examples.

Oleksandr Khotemskyi

Oleksandr Khotemskyi

Independent Contractor, Ukraine

More than 8 years of experience in Web, API, Desktop, iOS, Android, Gamedev using JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Python. The main specialization is functional automation of testing at different levels. Trainer in Start-IT in 3 areas – WEB, API, Test Infrastructure. Winner and judge of the Ukrainian Dev Challenge. Speaker at many conferences – QA Fest, Selenium Camp, Simplicity Days, JS fest and others.

Slides are available here.