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Using WebDriver for automation testing of Web Players

February 27th


Stage B


50 minutes


Your web application use Web Players for showing Video, 3D objects, Flash,Flex or Unity 3D applications in browser? You can not configure Web Driver for access to UI Controls of your online Flash or Unity 3D game? Well, in this cases the best idea is to use Computer Vision technologies, and to connect Computer Vision framework with Web Driver.

OpenCVSharp is a free .NET library which give you opportunity to detect UI elements with help of image recognition algorithm. Using OpenCVSharp and Webdriver allows you to create test automation framework which can work with UI HTML elements of your web page and UI elements of your application which loaded in Web Player – Flash, Flex, Unity 3D – etc. Also, the above solution can be used for automation testing of web applications which connected with 3D graphics, Video, GIS, Games etc.

Used technologies: C#, OpenCV, WebDirver, WinApi32.

Viktor Losiev

Viktor Losiev

Kantar Retail Virtual Reality, Ukraine

Software tester which have passion to multimedia technologies. 4 years in Software testing. 3 years in Freelance Web Development.
Likes to create automation test scripts on C# and to test software solutions which closely connected with multimedia technologies.