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Using Selenide on C# .NET

February 26th


Stage B


50 minutes


How many of us, C# engineers, dreamed of an extremely easy and really effective Selenium based framework/library? Like Selenide in Java. 😉 It happened that it’s not a big deal just to run Java Selenide on .NET via JNI. In this talk we will see how Selenide runs on .NET and what are the specifics based on its real usage in production. We also will get familiar with the tool that make all this possible – jni4net, and share experience of its usage to port Selenide, all the pros and cons.

Oleg Volodin

Oleg Volodin

Self-employed, Ukraine

Oleg is a technical manager and entrepreneur with 10 years’ experience in product development. He builds a business from scratch, acquires customers and generates positive revenue stream. In the same time, he is a technical person. Thus, his hands-on skills are in the following technology areas:

– General: SOA, algorithms, TDD, AQA and DevOps.
– Web: C#, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Bootstrap, TypeScript, LESS.
– Mobile/cross-platform: C++, Objective-C, Qt, Apache Thrift, RabbitMQ.

Oleg is a big fun on strongly reliable architecture. By simple words, he dreams to create apps with technologies that does not allow compiling product if a business logic incorrect and app fails in user hands.