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The wild wild west of Selenium capabilities

Feb 24th

16:15 – 17:00

Stage B


45 minutes


Not all desired capabilities where born equal:

– Some were born in the world of open source, while others were born as vendor proprietary properties.
– Some are mandatory, and some are optional.
– Some are clear and deterministic, others are vague and require reading and experimentation.
– Some make it easy to change vendors without breaking a sweat, while some will lock you into a specific implementation.

In this talk, I’ll explore the tradeoffs that a tester can make, and also explain the vendor point of view of the wild wild west of Selenium capabilities.

Adi Ofry

Adi Ofry

Chief Architect at HPE Software, Israel

Highly skilled architect, manager & innovator. Has around 20 years of experience in product definition and development. Currently working as Chief Architect at HPE Mobile Center. Passionates about Appium, distributed systems, Docker, Kubernetes & DevOps.