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The Valley of Success


45 minutes


Mountain climbing metaphors are old and tired. The Valley of Success is about crafting your automated testing framework in a way that maximizes maintainability by minimizing complexity. This talk will frame the way to create a test automation strategy keeping in mind the costs of creating, executing and maintaining tests. There are seven primary components of a successful automated test framework:

1. Assertions on Actions
2. Set up and Tear Down
3. Data Modeling
4. Configuration
5. Site Modeling
6. Wrappers and Helpers
7. APIs

This talk will cover each of these and provide specific suggestions for how to implement them while staying in the Valley of Success.

Titus Fortner

Titus Fortner

Senior Solution Architect at Sauce Labs, USA

As an active contributor to open source software, Titus Fortner maintains the Ruby bindings for Selenium and is the project lead for Watir in addition to testing libraries for page objects, data management, API testing, driver management and many others. Titus has implemented automated testing solutions at five different companies and currently works at Sauce Labs as a Senior Solution Architect. Titus has given talks around the world and has taught workshops on beginning and advanced Selenium as well as Appium, Continuous Testing, and Continuous Delivery.

Slides are available here.