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The Mobile Grid – Getting Started

February 27th


Stage B


50 minutes


In modern times we have many different cloud testing services to choose from. These cloud services are useful and help reduce the burden of building and maintaining your own Selenium Grid environment. However, there are many scenarios in which you need your tests running locally, such you work for a government (or agency) and cannot expose your data to the cloud, or the service costs are too expensive to run all tests on every commit.

This presentation will feature getting started with setting up your own mobile device grid. Running your tests in parallel and distributed, capturing critical report data (logs, screenshots, and video), and leveraging cloud test services (such as SauceLabs). I will also talk about the challenges and lessons I learned along the way.

Justin Ison

Justin Ison

Microsoft, Germany

Justin is Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft (formerly 6Wunderkinder), the makers of Wunderlist. He has over sixteen years experience working on Software Quality, with the last six primarily developing server, web and mobile test automation. He is passionate about automation and love finding new efficient and effective ways to improve software quality.