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TestNG vs JUnit 5 battle

Feb 25th

14:00 – 14:45

Stage C


45 minutes


In this talk we will compare two most popular test frameworks. There is a holy war among test automation engineers which framework is better to use for building test automation. The brand new JUnit 5 against old and beloved by many engineers TestNG. The main idea is to shed the light on useful features of both frameworks as well as shortcomings.

Sergey Pirogov

Sergey Pirogov

Senior QA Automation at Ciklum, Ukraine

The main specialization of Sergey Pirogov is functional automation testing. He is active bloger at http://automation-remarks.com. Has experience in building test automation processes from scratch. A fan of Groovy language. Participated as a speaker at QAFest, SeleniumCamp, SQADays, QA Conference, QA Expert Day.