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Testing Web Analytics

Feb. 27


Stage A


50 min.


Web Analytics is a large and growing topic within the web development community, but not enough attention is paid to testing them. Analytics allow you to analyze hundreds or thousands of tiny events in order to tell a story about how your users behave on your system: but what if they’re wrong?
We will cover the basics of how analytics are being used in the industry, along with suggestions for how to use Selenium, BrowserMob Proxy, and other tools to make sure the story you’re trying to tell is being told accurately.

Marcus Merrell

Marcus Merrell

RetailMeNot, Inc, USA

A test architect at RetailMeNot, Inc., Marcus Merrell has written UI and API test frameworks for several products since 2001. Marcus is obsessed with code design and holds sacred the philosophy that test frameworks should be approached, developed, and tested just as carefully as the production software they seek to examine. This has led to code that is at once simple and sophisticated “API” for testers which is reusable, interface-agnostic, and universal to any problem.