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Teaching automation. How big companies do it.

Feb. 28


Stage B


50 min.


Basically there are two types of people – those who can automate and those who can not. Shortly I move folks from “can not” to “can”. I’ll share my experience in hiring candidates, teaching automation, organizing trainings and selecting the right people. I also plan to show you how big companies build an education process and why they can’t act like small market players. My presentation is not about “behold our perfect process we’ve built and proud of”, it’s mostly about “these are problems we faced with and that’s how we decided to solve them”. I also expect a vivid discussion in questions and answers section.

Vitali Shulha

Vitali Shulha

EPAM, Minsk

Technical trainer, experienced in test automation and common engineering practices. Currently a head of Test Automation Lab in EPAM Systems. This is a place we build Junior Test Automation engineers from students. Organizer of Test Automation Talks in EPAM.