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Statistical Element Locator

February 27th


Stage A


50 minutes


In this talk we will delve into the biggest challenge that Test Automation developers face, finding elements robustness i.e. finding elements while the Application Under Test keeps changing. We’ll categorise methods, and show where developer fall, where machines fall (Record/Playback), and suggest a new way for locating elements, and analyze the skill-set required to overcome those difficulties.

Oren Rubin

Oren Rubin

Testim.io, Israel

Oren has 20 years of experience in the R&D world, most of which is dedicated to crafting testing tools, from dedicated languages to hardware verification (e) to web testing tools (e.g. applitools and testim.io).

In the last few years Oren had focused on building and testing Web Applications. While working full time he taught Web Development at the Technion University and was declared a Google Developer Expert by Google.

Oren lectured on Selenium in several conferences worldwide and he is the Co-organizer of the Selenium-Israel meetup group. Oren is the founder and CEO of Testim.io.