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Stability in Unstability. Self-healing test automation


45 minutes


Every test automation engineer probably faced with the problem of stability of the locators and with the needs of their frequent correction when updating the product. This routine work could be automated. There are some well-known solutions for self-healing test automation, like Mabl, testim.io, Applitools but they are not suitable for most kind of projects and has obvious disadvantages. There is a new idea how to make more universal solution that is compatible with any project. Im going to tell you about the proof-of-concept of this idea and how it differs from the existing solutions. At what stage of development we are now, what problems we faced and what is the ultimate goal.

Anna Chernyshova

Anna Chernyshova

Lead Software Test Automation Engineer at EPAM, Russia

An expert in the field of BDD, an adherent of engineering and DevOps practices. Has strong experience in test automation frameworks development and building of test automation approaches and processes. One of the creators of the BDD library Akita.