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Speed up your regression and reduce cost load with Selenoid + K8s + ReportPortal


45 minutes


We will talk about how our infrastructure for AutoTests was transformed on our project, in order to save money on infrastructure and accelerate the full run of AutoTests. About transformations from dedicated servers with complex pipelines to a flexible infrastructure based on K8s:

– K8s as a test launch environment and its connection with Jenkins.
– Modification of the Selenoid to work with K8s (open analog of Moon).
– Experience in using this infrastructure.

We will share our plans for further transformations of infrastructure for running tests and show the POC:

– The way to running tests on a scalable K8c cluster that runs on spot instances.
– The way to CI agnostic system.
– Information about ReportPortal (https://reportportal.io/ – an open-source tool for aggregation and analysis of tests) and show it in the context of the Demo.
– The way to running tests that are resistant to failures in the runtime environment.

Myroslav Seliverstov

Myroslav Seliverstov

Senior Systems Engineer at EPAM, Ukraine

System Engineer (DevOps) at EPAM. Working with K8s and it’s ecosystem. Like to collaborate with the Automation Tests developers team.

Danylo Kuvshynov

Danylo Kuvshynov

Senior Software Engineer in Test at EPAM, Ukraine

Software Engineer in Test at EPAM. The overall experience is 12+ years, 8 years of which as a System Engineer and 4+ years in test automation. Has fun in container orchestration and scripting.