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Software Developer in Test. Who is that?

Feb 24th

10:00 – 10:45

Stage C


45 minutes


Software Developer in Test is relatively a new role in IT. Industry got more used to the titles like QA, Test Automation Engineer, Developer… Still this kind of roles distribution shows poor effectiveness and brings such things like huge suites of end to end tests as a quality gate. If you want to implement test pyramid, you should consider of such a role in your team.

What skills should have this person? What challenges and daily problems does he/she face? Can he/she change production code? This talk is about all these and many others connected questions. Perhaps, after this talk you will reconsider daily quality assuring approach.

Tymofii Sukhachov

Tymofii Sukhachov

Software Developer in Test at Booxware GmbH, Germany

10 years in IT. Has plenty of hands on experience in test automation. Feels perfect being a half developer and a half QA engineer.