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Selenoid: get rid of Selenium Server!

March 3rd


Stage C


1 hour 30 minutes


Browser tests are known to be the flakiest ones. This is partly because browser infrastructure is complicated to maintain. But the second reason is – main stream browser automation tools such as Selenium server are far from being efficient.

As your company grows – your browser automation infrastructure should easily adapt to increased loads and new requirements. Unfortunately this is not so easy to get really scalable Selenium cluster using only the main stream tools. But there are some new open-source tools and approaches that can be used to deliver really scalable Selenium cluster.

This master-class covers an emerging browser automation tool – Selenoid, a truly efficient replacement of the standard Selenium server. I will explain how it works and why it is so fast. I will show in details features like video recording, sending logs and statistics to centralized storage and how to easily visualize this data.

Ivan Krutov

Ivan Krutov

Developer at Aerokube, Russia

Being software developer with 10+ years of experience Ivan is working with large-scale distributed Selenium infrastructure during the last 4 years. He is also actively contributing to efficient open-source Selenium tools.