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Threesome: Selenide for Web, Android and iOS


45 minutes


Selenide is a popular library for writing UI tests for Web. But it also can be used for automating mobile apps on both Android and iOS. Even more, it allows re-using the same code between Web, Android, and iOS. Sounds like a tempting idea?

Write once – test everywhere. 🙂

Andrei Solntsev

Andrei Solntsev

Software Developer at Codeborne, Estonia

A software developer with 15+ years of professional experience in enterprise development with high security requirements, high load systems, lots of data integrations, large user base and lots of customizations. Aggressive fan of extreme programming, TDD, Agile and open source. Active speaker at conferences. Creator of open-source projects Selenide, RePlay, “pdf-test”, “xls-test”, etc.