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Selenide Alternative in Practice: Implementation & Lessons learned.

February 26th


Stage B


50 minutes


In this talk we will go deeper into specifics of porting Selenide from Java to other langauges using Python as a sample. We will make an overview of architecture and some tricks that make it effective and fast enough. Based on the presented information you will understand deeper how selenide-like wrappers work so you can implement it yourself for the language that still has no Selenide alternative. 😉 You also can use these ideas to enhance your current selenium based framework.

Iakiv Kramarenko

Iakiv Kramarenko

Automician, Ukraine

7 years in IT with main focus in QA Automation of web applications, building QA and Software Development processes. Passionate of IT, new ideas and innovations in mobile and web. Likes programming in general, loves Clojure and Nim, liked Python and Ruby. Strong believer and disciple of Agile and XP. Polyglot Programmer. Perfectionist. Coach. Creator of Selene – concise Python wrapper over Selenium.