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Scaling execution of ProtractorJS on AWS Lambda with Selenoid

March 3rd


Stage B


45 minutes


FaaS services (like AWS Lambda) allows flexibly run your separate functions with super-fast scaling, and great independency. Tests by their nature are perfectly fits for running in isolation. Theoretical limit of concurrent tests is millions, but for WebDriver tests problem is with avalilable browsers. Fortunately new hope is here – Selenoid, allows to scale your browsers farm to huge sizes. In this talk i want to show experiments about running NodeJS tests (ProtractorJS + MochaJS) into AWS Lambda and Selenoid as browser supplier.

Oleksandr Khotemskyi

Oleksandr Khotemskyi

JS automation consultant at Ciklum, Ukraine

Specializing on building WEB automated tests (Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript). Finalist, winner and judge at Ukrainian Dev Challenge (QA), speaker at different confrerences. Teacher at StartIT (ProtractorJS Automation). Now mostly focusing on JavaScript as a language for automated testing.