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Scaleable, PaaS Selenium Grid with Docker

February 26th


Stage A


50 minutes


The Selenium Grid is a vital piece of infrastructure for any serious Selenium WebDriver test automation solution. Many organizations find the setup and maintenance of a Grid a difficult and expensive task. While outsourced solutions exist, they are too slow for any real professional Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery workflow, and are expensive.

The Selenium Docker project provides a very easy to setup, deploy, maintain, and use solution for running a Selenium Grid on Docker supporting Firefox and Chrome on Linux. This talk will present how to use the Selenium Docker project, how to implement it as a PaaS solution, how to connect to Selenium Docker VMs and watch a test running for debugging, and extensions such as video recording.

Alex Kogon

Alex Kogon

Nimble, Switzerland

Alex Kogon has a long and broad experience as a software engineer, having worked as an architect, quantitative developer, senior manager, lead developer, CTO, coach, mentor, trainer, automation developer, devops implementer, and pretty much every other role imaginable since he was a teenager.

Alex started working heavily with test automation and continuous integration while working as a quantitative developer building complex mathematical options pricing models for banks and trading companies, where bugs can cost the company millions of dollars in minutes and have put many out of business. From this experience Alex became quickly convinced of the value of continuous integration and has helped many companies implement CI systems and adapt their culture to leverage them.