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QA Livecoding Battle “Typed Element Framework (JDI) VS Untyped Elements Framework (Selenide)”

Feb 25th

11:00 – 11:45

Stage B

Live coding battle

45 minutes


Why typed elements (like Buttons, Images, Checkboxes, Links etc.) are bad practice in UI tests? Or are non-typed elements (like SelenideElement for ´em all!) more evil? Is it better to have predefined Element hierarchy or not?

Alexei and Roman have delivered a sound theoretical battle earlier at Heisenbug-2016 Conference in Moscow. But were everything said just words? The both QA wrestlers are still standing behind their concepts and are willing to prove their point at live coding sessions before the judging audience! In this QA Battle the parties will solve problems using a typed framework JDI and an non-typed one – Selenide, commenting their actions. The audience will decide with their votes which of the concept was better.

Alexei Vinogradov

Alexei Vinogradov

Self-employed Consultant, Germany

Alexei has been working in various IT projects in Germany for more than 15 years. He consults about quality assurance, test automation and about how to keep calm and be a good tester. Developer of Selenide. The founder and moderator of Radio QA podcast.

Roman Iovlev

Roman Iovlev

Chief QA Automation Engineer at EPAM, Russia

Roman has been worked in QA for more than 11 years. He is really interested in testing including all aspects and very glad to share his experience with others. Test automation helps to be on the edge of modern IT and optimize routine work, so Roman also tries to develop useful tools and frameworks in order to simplify his work and work of people around him.