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Puppeteer is a new WebDriver? Secrets of flawless testing.


45 minutes


Puppeteer by Google Chrome takes the world of browser automation. But can we use it for testing?

Sure! What features contain Puppeteer, why it’s better than WebDriver, and how it drives your tests faster? Let’s take a look of features of Puppeteer, as well of common testing patterns in it.

We will look also work on problems happening during Puppeteer testing and simple tricks to resolve them.

Even you already work with Puppeteer, this talk will be valuable to you!

Michael Bodnarchuk

Michael Bodnarchuk

CTO at SDCLabs, Ukraine

Michael is a passionate web developer from Kyiv, Ukraine. One day he started to think how to get more developers into testing so he created his own testing framework, CodeceptJS. Michael is a speaker of various IT conferences in Ukraine, Europe and US. “Testing should be fun” – is his motto.

Slides are available here.