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Ups and downs of contract testing in real life


45 minutes


Contract tests between microservices seem like a simple idea. It can bring value to quality – if it is done right. There are a lot of basic examples out there – on the Internet. But what about the real case of contract tests implementation in the company? What challenges it will bring? What efforts it may cost to you and your team?

In my talk, I will share our experience of applying contract testing for a product with hundreds of microservices across multiple cross-functional teams. It will help you to be prepared now – for the future potential caveats in contract testing.

Oleksandr Romanov

Oleksandr Romanov

Lead Software Engineer In Test at Playtika, Ukraine

Main professional activity of Oleksandr is dedicated to make test automation efforts more effective and engineers more productive. He has 8+ years of experience implementing test automation solutions at Sitecore, SoftServe and Deutsche Bank. Right now Oleksandr works as Lead Software Engineer In Test at Playtika – helping to make UI, API and microservice level automation more scalable and reliable.