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Pandora’s white box

March 2nd


Stage A


45 minutes


Most of the time in testing communities all over the world discussions about “right way to test the system” are going from the “black box” point of view. At the same time “white box” assumed to be prerogative of developers.

I’ll try to answer the following questions:

– how to prevent developers from writing wrong code?
– how to inject failures in code during the testing before it will fail in production?
– what is source code parsing and why should you care about it?
– social coding analysis and coverage – what this can give you? “

Nikita Makarov

Nikita Makarov

Test Automation Team Lead at Odnoklassniki, Russia

More than 8 years developing test automation at outsourcing and product companies. Has experience in automation of Linux based embeddable OS, complex VPN-solutions for business, various hardware and software platforms. From January 2012 works as test automation group lead in OK.RU.