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Our CI/CD in Robots testing, on the edge of soft- and hardware


45 minutes


In this talk Alexei will show testing that goes beyond your daily work with the software. Insights into to Continuous Testing and CI/CD process in robots development, which stands on the edge of hardware and software testing.

You will learn about robot testing. Chosen strategy, what thorny path they have passed and what was the starting point.

Considered approaches to testing at different levels and for different parts of the system. What tools were used, how we came to them and what was the basis for their choice.

Aliaksei Boole

Aliaksei Boole

Head of QA at Rozum Robotics, Belarus

Charismatic and charming speaker, heading QA practice in Rozum Robotics. Prior to it, Alexey was an Engineer in Test at JUNO, RnD department in Minsk location, and Alexey recalls these times of working in Juno startup with great warmth to the team and professionals with whom he had a chance to work.

Before joining JUNO, Alexey served QA Automation Engineer in Wargaming, that was a time when Alexey started to speak at conferences. Once upon a time, Alexey worked as a programmer on the Belarusian railway. But the prospects for growth and wages did not please him. So he moved to Synesis as a tester.

Slides are available here.