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One, two, Terraform: Building automation infra is the goal!


45 minutes


Today it’s impossible to imagine companies that would not use CI / CD, one of the main components of which is testing. And if at the early stages of business test execution time is comparable to the other pipeline components, then with the project growth it increases significantly, both in terms of execution time and price. In our presentation, we will show you our experience in building an infrastructure for test automation using terraform. Scalability, easy support, simple deployment and configuration should be the main conditions for this infrastructure. Since you need to work not only with cloud providers but also with real computers (MCloud), Terraform has become the ideal solution in this case. As a result, we got an infrastructure that is practically independent of the technology for writing tests, is easily integrated into the process, and has an extremely low cost of running tests.

Andrey Nazarenko

Andrey Nazarenko

Head of Automation Department at Solvd, Belarus

Leading Test Automation Department in Solvd. Leading teams and developing test automation environments using infrastructure as a code approach. Currently concentrated on DevOps tasks in context of infrastructure migration into Docker and Terraform. Interested in AI technologies: working on image recognition technology for test automation.

Slides are available here.