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Multiplayer game testing in actions


45 minutes


Multiplayer games are complex systems that contains different sub-systems like: server that process all logic, platform that is responsible for users and their data, clients that may run in different platforms.Sounds like a general enterprise application, but with difference that all these things are combined into one single game where players can play with each others and everything is focused on users’ satisfaction. So priorities are different.

But organizing automated testing of a game is not a easy thing. Lack of technologies and information at stackoverflow are just the beginning of upcoming pain.

I will talk how we organized automated testing of such game, how our pyramid looks like, what challenges we met and what solutions we made.

Yevhen Rudiev

Yevhen Rudiev

QA Automation Lead at GamePoint, Ukraine

Yevhen is QA Automation Lead at GamePoint with more then 7 years experience in IT and testing itself. Primary focuses on the implementation and development of automated testing in GameDev area. Agile practitioner. Has experience in building test automation processes from scratches. A fan of micro-services architecture and DevOps processes. Founder of GameUnitLab organization.