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Monads for testers


45 minutes


Step by step functional programming (or some part of it) became a daily routine of almost every software developer. At the same time, there might be an opinion that “monads” and “pure functions” are just toys for bored matured engineers. And testers should not look there for sure – they should test software, it doesn’t matter how it’s written. In my talk, I want to show that functional programming has a clear impact on software quality. Lots of defects will not even appear in the code which is written functional way. If you are interested not only in testing and finding bugs but also in conditions how to prevent them from the beginning – come to listen to my speech. We’ll check examples written in Scala working on JVM but Java or C# knowledge is more than enough to understand the material.

Igor Khrol

Igor Khrol

Independent Consultant, Belarus

More than 12 years of industry experience in different scale companies on various roles: engineer, team/tech lead, manager, consultant, trainer. My main areas of interest are data engineering, machine learning and quality assurance. Main languages (tech stacks) are Scala and Python. Meanwhile I have experience also in Ruby, C#, Java, JavaScript and can easily write code there as well.

Slides may be found here.