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Mobile Peer 2 Peer Communication Testing

March 2nd


Stage B


45 minutes


Basic functionalities of a peer 2 peer communication application are text, voice messaging, VoIP and video calls. In order to test its functionalities, we need more than two devices to communicate with each other. There are also network interruptions / changes or app notification installed on mobile device which can harm the quality of communication and application.

In order to automate regression test of those kind of application, we have extended Appium and Selenium Grid where we are able to cross communicate “n” number devices with each other. We also created a layer manipulating the mobile devices’ Bluetooth, wireless and other features.

Right now, we are able to automate P2P appliications test with more than 100 devices varying from iOS to Android.

Canberk Akduygu

Canberk Akduygu

Chieft Test Architect at Testinium, Turkey

Canberk works at Testinium as the Chief Test Architect, he is responsible for the automation and performance testing team who are specialized in Selenium and Appium. Canberk is the co-product owner of Testinium tool.