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Making Watir and Cucumber an efficient tool for complex Web UI Automation

Feb. 27


Stage B


50 min.


There are many Web UI Automation Frameworks in the open source market, even too many. A lot of people have a question about framework choice and often create their own bicycle. Many look into Python and Java, but omit solutions based on pure Ruby Cucumber. Having such powerful tool as Watir Webdriver and Page Object gem for Ruby it is possible to construct very robust Test Automation solutions with Cucumber. In this topic I will try to cover one of such solutions, seeking for more adopters, supporters and followers.

Ruslan Strazhnyk

Ruslan Strazhnyk

nCryptedCloud, Ukraine

Ruslan has worked with Selenium since 2008, has large experience in testing, especially with testing automation of web applications and complex web based products. At the moment he works on nCryptedCloud project (data security for cloud providers Dropbox, GDrive, The Box). In the past Ruslan also developed testing frameworks on Python and performed load testing with JMeter, now switched on Ruby and Cucumber.