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Making SDETs from ppl with 0 programming experience


45 minutes


How deep technically could be an engineer to do best he can with automation? The biggest companies in the industry have different answers on this, and here in Preply, we implemented some solutions we saw think could work for us. In this presentation, I’ll tell you about the results we have, the learnings we got, and the problems we faced. This information would be useful for those who don’t stop on just automation and always will to be on the frontline of quality improvements. You will know of new possibilities and “new trends” on quality delivery. You will know how to cooperate with developers and help them to deliver even higher product quality even if you’re on vacation. 😉

Vadym Rudenko

Vadym Rudenko

QA Lead at Preply, Ukraine

Test automation engineer with more than 10 years of experience mostly in product companies. Tech stack: Java, JS, python. Preferable tools: selenium, puppeteer, Appium. Specialization in building testing process that fits business needs. Conduct courses(SkillUP)/trainings, automation mentor. Currently leading the automation process in 6 teams.

Slides are available here.