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Make yourself comfortable and leverage Selenium with Python

March 2nd


Stage B


45 minutes


Every automated testing system evolves over time. Let me tell you a story about how we started testing CloudForms. First with standard libraries and tools, then gradually developing and improving our own tools. Python played an important role, one which gave us the opportunities and freedom on how to approach the code. We subsequently did two refactors of the system. In the first, we focused on abstracting the UI interactions out of the test. Second, we carefully continued to iterate with feedback from our successes and failures. Instead of intertwined spaghetti code, we designed a couple of stand-alone libraries that jointly power our testing system with focus on declarativity. One library represents the abstraction of the UI, inspired by good ideas from Page Objects, but doing things better. The second one takes care of navigating around the UI in an intuitive way. And there are other ones as well. So let’s go through this story together and watch how we leveraged our Selenium testing with Python.

Milan Falešník

Milan Falešník

Senior Quality Engineer at Red Hat, Czech Republic

Working in Quality Engineering since 2012, Milan has gained experience with testing of a complex products both as a tester and developer of the core of the system used for testing. Keen Pythonist and fan of open-source technology.

Slides could be found here.