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Make Your Automation Groovier

February 26th


Stage B


50 minutes


In this talk I want to compare typical tasks performed by test automation engineers, and their implementation in Java and Groovy. The main message of the report is to show the participants the tools and libraries that will allow test engineers to be more efficient and to solve typical tasks in a short time. Working with files, working with Json and XML files, creating customers for REST and SOAP services – all of this can be simplified by using the flexibility of Groovy and reliability of Java. This talk will be interesting and helpful not only for test automation engineers, but also for people from the manual testing, because they will learn about the simple and reliable tools that will help them to solve daily routine tasks.

Sergey Pirogov

Sergey Pirogov

EPAM, Ukraine

Sergey is an experienced Software Test Automation Engineer. Having main specialization is functional automation testing, also works on performance testing. Has strong expertise in building test automation framework and setting CI for automation process. Sergey is working with Java and Java related tools, being also keen on Groovy.