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I would like to share my story about how our team was building an efficient testing process, how these changes affect the development process overall, how to solve common problems of BDD-style tests with DEMO on real examples. My story begins with several failures/problems, which every team meets at the beginning of involving BDD tools in automation tests.

The next topic is including several improvements such as universal step definitions, cucumber expressions, own parameter types, text localization testing, involving REGEXP to test special symbols, etc.

After, slides cover solving irritable problems of BDD tests such as: getting, remembering and reusing unique data during test run sessions, working with API to avoid repeatable steps, file verifications in headless mode, excel files content, hash, screenshot testing, etc.

Iana Kokriashkina

Iana Kokriashkina

QA Team Lead at ThinkMobiles, Ukraine

Software Development Engineer in Test/QA Team Lead at ThinkMobiles. The overall experience is 5 years of web and mobile automation testing. Last 3 years, I am the part of a great team, which is working on a framework for web automation tests on JavaScript+Protractor+Cucumber. The main activities are to provide API tests for a product health check, preconditions, E2E functional tests in BDD style (including cross-browsers and cross-platforms UI check, backend calculations, database records, files, diagrams verifications, etc) and performance testing. Continue to improve framework to cover mobile automation tests with Appium and CodeceptJS.