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Lean QA: automation, monitoring, experiments


45 minutes


The talk is about how development and QA process in a large company, which consists of ~20 smaller independent companies, can be established. How AB testing and experiments are used, how the production monitoring helps top prioritize effort in day-to-day work, how the automation matters and how QA can and should be treated as common responsibility of the team.

Kateryna Chernikova

Kateryna Chernikova

QA Engineer at Wix, Ukraine

Kateryna is currently working at Wix.com, which she’s joined the company just a few months ago as a member of QA Guild. Having 7 years’ experience as QA, has faced different aspects of QA in teams and projects – manual and automation, web and mobile, engineering and leadership, working and co-located and distributed teams. Still doing it passionately and still enjoys being a QA.

Slides may be found here.