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JDI 2.0 in examples

March 2nd


Stage C


1 hour 30 minutes


JDI is a great framework for UI testing but me moves forward. JDI 2.0 provides not only a tool or framework but a list of approaches and practices for testing. There are some breaking changes in 2.0 version, but most JDI features still available in JDI 2.0.

In this master class session I would like to demonstrate real QA automation tasks and how easy they can be resolved with JDI 2.0. Master class will cover the Web UI automation on JDI based on Selenium. It has “task – solution” format. No theory. No water. Only practice.

Roman Iovlev

Roman Iovlev

Chief Automation QA at EPAM, Russia

Roman has been worked in QA for more than 12 years. He is really interested in testing including all aspects and very glad to share his experience with others. Test automation helps to be on the edge of modern IT and optimize routine work, so Roman also tries to develop useful tools and frameworks in order to simplify his work and work of people around him.