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iOS Parallel Automation: run faster than fast

Feb 24th

11:00 – 11:45

Stage B


45 minutes


iOS Automation rapidly changed due to the evolution of Apple automation frameworks and Calabash community support. One year ago, we parallelised our iOS testing with multiple desktops – a large improvement in performance. Here is an account of the subsequent changes, including the removal of multiple desktops and the adoption of Apple’s new XCTest framework.

The automation community (Appium, Calabash etc.) faced a new challenge: how could we create iOS Automation Infrastructure with the new XCTest Framework?

I adopted Facebook solution (FBSimCtl and WebAgentDriver) into the multi-simulators approach. In this talk, I will discuss the full evolution path to Facebash Approach based on multi-simulators, Calabash server and Facebook Web Driver Agent.

Viktar Karanevich

Viktar Karanevich

Senior Test Automation Engineer at Badoo, UK

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