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How to test Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions?

March 3rd


Stage B


45 minutes


Testing community is discussing how machine learning can find bugs and replace testers. Meanwhile the reality is more boring and not so much futuristic. Engineers are releasing machine learning and artificial intelligence services that should be tested. Based on real experience of delivering such products I want to share how different such testing is from regular solutions and what are possible problems. After my talk you’ll have a starting point to test this AI and ML magic once you are faced with it.

Igor Khrol

Igor Khrol

Team Lead at Toptal, Belarus

Automated testing specialist at Toptal, team lead in Analytics department. About 10 years experience in IT in various roles: engineer, architect, manager, consultant, trainer. Experience in the majority of popular tools (Selenium, HP QTP, TestComplete, JMeter). Currently I’m programming mostly in Python and Scala but used to write in other languages (Ruby, Java, C#, JavaScript, VBScript).

Code could be found here.