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How to level-up your Selenium tests with Visual Testing

Feb. 27


Stage A


50 min.


Over the past couple of years, visual testing has been gaining increased attention from the dev/test community as evident by the explosion of related open source projects. The impossible variety of devices, web-browsers, and screen resolutions as well as the adoption of agile and continuous delivery/deployment practices are forcing developers to automate more and minimize human involvement in the test execution process. Companies big and small are adopting visual testing tools to automatically validate the correctness of their UI.
Nevertheless, many practitioners strongly believe that automated visual testing is impractical and leads to flaky, unstable tests and a maintenance nightmare.
In this talk we will explain in depth what visual testing is, and how you can use Selenium along with other open source and commercial tools to perform automated visual testing and achieve a fully automated continuous delivery/deployment process.
Throughout the session, several demos will be given showing how to add automated visual UI validation to your Selenium tests using various tools.

Moshe Milman

Moshe Milman

Applitools, Israel

Moshe is the Co-Founder of Applitools – a cloud service for automated Visual Testing. Before starting Applitools, Moshe worked as the VP of Professional Services and Sales Engineering at Wave Systems (NASDAQ:WAVX) and VP Operations at Safend. Prior to Safend, Moshe also worked for Amdocs (NASDAQ:DOX) as test automation expert and Sat-Smart Ltd. as a engineering team leader. Moshe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from the Technion Israel’s Institute of Technology and MBA from IDC.