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How to get more from DevOps and Test Automation

March 2nd


Stage A


45 minutes


Nowadays, many organizations are challenging agile, and focus more on DevOps as their brand new ALM methodology. Devops can be regarded as a next generation methodology beyond agile, especially with it’s special focus on test automation.

If you want your organization to survive in today’s agile world, you need to learn and adapt to the changing landscape of Devops and utilize test automation to help speed delivery and high quality. When it comes to a successful DevOps transformation, test automation is one of the keys.

For some reason, some people are afraid of getting their hands dirty with Devops and test automation since they do believe that they don’t have the know-how, the tools, “enough” time, and, most commonly, the staff and budget. Of course, some approaches can be very difficult, take a lot of time, and be very expensive. But they don’t have to be. Within my session, I will discuss some of the test automation approaches we (as Keytorc) have successfully implemented in Devops environments and while doing so I will try to keep all the blocking factors as low as possible.

Once correctly implemented, these solutions may bring many benefits into your Devops environment. Some of the most critical ones include: a powerful foundation to cope with the software testing challenges and a systematic approach to shorten the time-to-market delivery by supporting the quality of your products in preliminary stages.

My session mainly focuses on the challenges of Devops and Test Automation and it will guide attendees to practically utilize different aspects of test automation based on the experiences of Devops and Agile.

Baris Sarialioglu

Baris Sarialioglu

Managing Partner and Consultant at Keytorc, Turkey

IT professional with 15+ years of experience as Information Technologies Consultant, Software Engineer, Software Developer and Software Tester for many different organisations.

Highly experienced in Software Development Life-Cycle, Software Project Management, Business Analysis, Agile Methodologies, Usability, User Experience (UX), Quality Assurance and Software Testing.

Published a number of papers and books within the Software Testing profession and contribute to the field by regularly attending conferences as a speaker, panelist, lecturer, moderator and contributor.

Currently, he is one of the managing partners of Keytorc Software Testing Services, where he holds the responsibilities of delivering test consultancy, outsourced test management, and software testing training (including accredited ISTQB trainings).