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How I learned to stop worrying and love record and playback


45 minutes


Record and playback tools like Selenium IDE have a stigma attached to them in our industry — they’re not worth your time, they produce tests that are impossible to maintain, and they’re only for non-technical people.

But with the new Selenium IDE, that’s all just a bad rap.

In this talk Dave Haeffner will squash the stigma by showing you examples of how Selenium IDE can reliably augment and level-up your testing practice regardless of your team’s test automation maturity or your level of technical experience. He’ll also share how he went from a record-and-playback naysayer to a Selenium IDE maintainer.

Dave Haeffner

Dave Haeffner

Software Developer at Applitools, Israel

Dave Haeffner is writer of Elemental Selenium – a free, once weekly Selenium tip newsletter read by thousands of testing professionals.
He’s also creator and maintainer of the-internet (an open-source web app that’s perfect for writing automated tests against), author of The Selenium Guidebook, and an active member of the Selenium project.

As a Software Developer at Applitools he works full-time as a maintainer of Selenium IDE.

He’s helped numerous companies successfully implement automated acceptance testing; including The Motley Fool, ManTech International, Sittercity, and Animoto. He’s also spoken at numerous conferences and meet-ups around the world about automated functional testing.